What Flippos are?
meet them from the sole to the ankle strap non-slipping flip-flops a comfortable mix of flip-flops and sandals sports-urban-tourist shoes

  • NFlippos sandals are a clever combination of flip-flops and sandals in a sport-tourist-urban form. Exceptional comfort is provided by a three-layer, profiled sole (using, among others, EVA material) and textile, quick-drying straps that adapt to the shape of the foot during use.
  • NEach sole layer has a strictly assigned function and does not assume the function of other layers.
  • NThe top layer, non-slip, is responsible for comfort and gradual adjustment to the shape of the bottom of the foot, the middle layer for cushioning, and the bottom layer for proper shoe adhesion on uneven surfaces.
  • N Textile straps passing between the toes prevent the foot from slipping out of the shoe forward, and the Velcro straps around the ankle provide additional stability, making Flippos suitable for walking in various weather and terrain conditions.
  • NFeatures (such as a strictly defined value of deflection per 1 cm square) and the composition of each layer of the sole is the result of several years of trials and tests, and each of these features is only relevant Flippos. As a result, an original shoe was created with exceptional comfort and utility properties.
  • NCovering the ankle straps with trousers, we make the Flippos look like classic flip-flops, maintaining the advantage of constant adhesion of the entire shoe to the foot.
  • NThere are women's and men's versions to choose from - different in terms of the width of the sole and the width of the straps


A clever combination of flip-flops and sandals - for the love of comfort and simple solutions

Three-layer, contoured EVA sole for outstanding comfort

Textile, quick-drying straps that adapt to your feet when worn

Arrangement of straps to prevent the foot from slipping out of the shoe

Non-slip guaranteed by the upper layer of the sole

Comfort, like in sport shoes

Flippos? where did the idea for such a product come from? how did this idea come about? path from idea to implementation ...

In 1987, at the age of 12, I was abroad for the first time. It was a great event for me, because it was not the border with one of my brotherly states, but this almost impassable – iron curtain – between east and west. It was during this stay in France that I bought my flip-flops with textile toestraps for the first time. There were no such in Poland. They were only rubber, if any… However, I was surprised that you can’t buy a version with ankle straps, because “since I’m in the West, they should be available”. It would be much more comfortable to walk like that. Didn’t anyone invent this? How long can your toes hold your shoes keeping them from falling?

Jeremi Dujaque

Project owner, flippos.eu